We've all been there. We are business owners trying to kill it in business, yet it seems like the business is killing us.


Then one day we decide to get help.

We are going to go for it. We place an ad. Go through the most awkward interview process so that a root canal on a first date sounds better. And then we hire someone because, well, they are nice and seem happy. 

Our workload doesn't decrease. Our stress doesn't decrease. And both you and your employee are ridiculously frustrated. So one day you throw your hands up in the air and say. " I guess I will just do all the work myself because seemingly I am the only person who can do this work right!"


And in that moment you have doomed yourself to be a struggling business owner and never be the BOSS.








And Best of all you don't have to do it alone.

If you are just thinking about hiring your first employee, you have tried this "employee thing," or you find yourself the head of HR leading a team of people- Boss Actions Community has your back!

Real Community


From our "Shut the Door" Community feed to our monthly LIVE with Talmar to the expert interviews on all things hiring and managing employees, we are here to help you find the answers (not be your therapist).

Talmar Anderson


Google is great, but it has no idea how to help YOU, in YOUR business, or with YOUR employee dilemmas.

Resources That Work


Answers. From videos to inspire and scripts to instruct, we offer an ever-growing arsenal of situational and educational guides.

Anywhere. Anytime.


Let's be real. Employee needs and drama don't just happen 9-5 or when you are near your computer. Our mobile friendly site and IOS/Android App (Coming Soon) let's you be the BOSS 24/7/365.

Get the 411 on being a member.


Founding Members. $997/yr

(payment plans available)
  • Access to The SH*FT – 12 lesson Fundamentals to making sure you and your business can grow successfully!

  • This is the “how” to starting your shift from business owner to Boss.

  • 24/7 Community access in our "Shut The Door" Conversations Area

  • Find the perfect words with our “Let Me Write That Down” Scripts

  • Know what the next step is with the “Are You There Yet?” Expert Interviews

  • Get your questions asked and answered with “I Have A Questions” With Talmar Anderson

  • Ever growing library of tools, answers, and the "to dos" for successfully scaling your business

  • Anywhere, anytime access from your laptop, tablet, or phone (yes, we have an app for that)


  • **Invitation to Two - Live and interactive Webinars** for Founding Members EXCLUSIVELY every year.

  • **Special badass badges, exclusive offers and prime pricing.**

  • **Special renewal rates** for continues memberships

  • Founding Member coffee mug


limited founding member spots available

Love being first? Then you will love that this Membership offer is brand spanking new! And because I know that you are ready, by JOINING NOW I have some exciting and fun ways Boss Actions gets to acknowledge your quick decisions!

  • Exclusive access and certification in our Master Salary Negotiation mini-course. (opens Fall 2018!)

  • Two - Live and interactive Webinars for Founding Members EXCLUSIVELY every year.

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  • Boss Actions Founding Member coffee mug – yep, presents too!


There is no better time to sign up than RIGHT NOW! Stop trying to go it alone. Remember, part of being a Boss is ensuring you are surrounded by the people that can help you find the answers you don't already know yourself!

Why Boss Actions?

Join other Boss Members as we build up your experience, tools and internal processes to hire, grow and confidently lead your dream team. 

 As a Boss Actions Member, you receive a community of entrepreneurs and business owners that are working through the same path of growth, hiring and people management as you! Freedom comes only with a kick-ass team!

Throughout different stages of your company, your team may be comprised of vendors, independent contractors or employees. Ideally, your team will grow to working with all of the above! This success requires best practices and skill sets that most passionate, mission driven business owners have not had a chance to experience and develop...until now!  

Think of our group as your own mastermind that will share favorite employee policies, software tools and hiring tricks. Delivering content that sets your company up for success. The best part is we are here to talk you off of the ledge during flash moments when any one of your team leaves you with that floor-falling-out-from-underneath-you feeling. Together, we progressively build up the layers of your hiring and management processes. THIS IS THE PATH to your kick-ass team! You are not alone in this.  


Talmar Anderson
After two bad hires, I knew something had to change - and Talmar was just the person to do it. She swooped in and helped me set up a hiring process that not only ensures I bring the best people on board but also have plenty more in my back pocket when I need to scale quickly. I have also turned to her community for management advice when I’m facing a prickly or downright awful situation. Their fantastic advice has given me the confidence to move forward and make smart business decisions. Thanks Talmar - you’ve been a godsend!
— Monika Jansen, Head Kick-Ass Copywriter and Strategist, Jansen Communications

Working with Talmar It Up has been extremely helpful as I shift my company workflows and grow my team. Having guidance through the resume selection, recommendations through the interview question design and a place to discuss follow up before a job offer has been reassuring and beneficial. Talmar’s insights on managing specific people and their experiences has been spot on.
— Lenny Berger, The Handy Mensch

Talmar It Up’s planning helped me enormously! Not only did Talmar help me to better define my goals and next steps, but she also made me feel confident and optimistic about my current choices and my future as a small business owner. She gave me ideas that I never would have thought of while not making me feel stupid for not having thought of them sooner. So glad I went with her!
— Stephanie Williams, Founder/Chief Analyst, Stephanie Alex Arts

Talmar Anderson

MEET Talmar Anderson

aka Your Fearless Boss Actions Leader


Bold, visionary, and a total boss - Talmar Anderson helps small businesses and entrepreneurs shed the struggle of being a business owner and teaches her clients and audiences alike how to be the boss of YOUR business. 

Founder of, Boss Actions, Talmar's no nonsense, "fluff free" approach, teaches you exactly what you need to say, do, and act when it comes to finding, keeping, and leading your empoyees. 

Want a sneak peek of what the boss action community is really like?

here you go. 


You are fully capable of being the boss, having the successful business, and most of all you deserve the support of the best possible team to live the dreams you desire. But to do this, you need the skills and to make THE SH*FT. This 12 lesson foundation building course within Boss Actions Membership IS the HOW to shifting from Business Owner to THE Boss - for you and your company!  Want to have an idea of what THE SH*FT is about? Well, Talmar got so excited she made 3 extra lessons to share with YOU!  No fees. No sign up required. Check them out below to see if they get you thinking ..about the possibilities for your own kick-ass team.


THE SH*FT - No One Person!

THE SH*FT -Not As Good As Me

THE SH*FT - Structure That Flexibility


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